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Restoration and Preservation of Tile and Grout

GroutPro is the "expert" when it comes to shower tile & grout cleaning and restoration in San Diego.  We have restored hundreds of showers over our sixteen years in the business.  GroutPro can restore your shower to get that clean look using our many years of experience and quality products to do the job right.  First, we clean the grout and strip old moldy caulking.  We then address any uneven grout color issues, repair cracked or missing grout, perform proper recaulking and thoroughly seal your grout.  After restoration, we go through instructions to properly care for your shower and keep that clean look for years.  Some showers may be beyond fixing due to wall rot and require replacement.

The Solution

* Clean * Seal * Mold * Shower * Recaulk * Mildew

  • Professional Service with Professional Results
  • Restoring Process that Gives Showers that New Look Again
  • Experienced, Licensed (CA #780212), Insured, Commercial Liability
  • Serving the San Diego Area Since 1999
  • Thorough Grout Sealing to Keep Out Mold and Stop Rot​

Shower Cleaning, Repair, Sealing and Restoration in San Diego

Tiled showers can provide many years of satisfactory use when properly cleaned and maintained.  However, the majority of showers encounter problems ranging from mild mold and grout cracking to the need for replacement due to rotting walls.  Most of these problems are caused by improper maintenance - namely unsealed grout and improper caulking which lets water penetrate through and escape to the backside of the tile.  When the shower is used regularly, the shower walls stay damp from this water which promotes mold/mildew growth and dry rot.  The unhealthy mold and wall rot tend to go unnoticed because they are hidden behind the tile.  Yet there are usually signs of it like uncleanable mold, wall bowing, grout dislodging/cracking, paint bubbling or even a distinct mold smell.  Surface cleaning or recaulking does not address the root cause and the damage and growth behind the wall only continue. Many times that moldy look will not clean because it is deep inside the grout or on the backside of the caulk.  In fact, using aggressive cleaners with acids or bleach only make the problem worse as they make the grout more porous and will wear grout lines down over time.

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