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After Grout Restoration

After Grout Color Change

GroutPro performs kitchen counter tile and grout cleaning and restoration in San Diego. First we clean the grout and repair any cracked or worn away grout areas.  Then we work to get the grout color uniform again - usually to the same color it was originally.  Finally, we perform any necessary recaulking and seal the grout with our proprietary sealer to keep out the stains.  GroutPro can also change-out broken tile and worn-out sinks to give your kitchen a like-new appearance.  Most kitchen counters can be transformed in one day and the grout color can be changed for a more contemporary look if desired.  The process also applies to bathroom vanities or wet bars.  After restoration, we go through fairly simple cleaning instructions to properly care for your counter and keep that clean look for years.

  • Restoring Process that Gives Counters that Clean New Look
  • Much Less Expensive than Counter Replacement
  • Experienced, Licensed (CA #780212), Insured, Commercial Liability
  • Serving the San Diego Area Since 1999
  • Grout Color Change Available to Better Match Your Tile
  • Sink and Tile Replacement Available to Complete the Job

The majority of people with tile counters eventually have problems with their grout.  The grout stains from spills, gets dirty from grease and other liquids, cracks at the splash joint, and wears away - especially around the kitchen sink.  At some point, many people run into the realization that they cannot make the counter look good no matter what they do.  Intensive cleaning doesn't work because the grout stains won't come out and it does no good where the grout is missing.  At this point, a new counter seems like the only option.  However the cost for a new counter can easily run into thousands of dollars.

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Restoration and Preservation of Tile and Grout

Before Grout Restoration

Before Grout Color Change

The Solution

* Clean * Seal * Regrout * Counters * Vanity * Stains

Kitchen Counter Tile and Grout Cleaning, Repair, Restoration and Sealing in San Diego